Basque roots and electronica, from the past to the future: TZA !

From the north to the south of the Basque Country, from the city to the mountains, the members of the band are from various provinces and different generations.
They make contemporary music based on Basque roots. They give it a touch that is both deep and fun, full of life. ...
For that, in this first opus entitled Dialektrika, they collaborated with Oreka Tx, Ibon Koteron and Reykjavik606, artists who influence them a lot.

TZA ! is an onomatopoeia they like because it offers them a lot of possibilities to play.


EP 2021 - 4 songs
Coproduction Kalapita Productions and Bazzque Sounds
Published on december 3rd of 2021

Arrangements and music production : Carlos Sagi Diaz, Thierry Biscary
Recording and mix : Carlos Sagi Diaz
Mastering : Pedro Viñuela Romero
Design : Markos Ansorena

Carlos Sagi : programming, percussions, voice
Iraide Ansorena : percussions, voice
Maider Legarreta : voice
Thierry Biscary : voice

featuring Oreka Tx (txalaparta), Ibon Koteron (alboka), Reykjavik606 (remix).


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