Manez is the artistic name of Thierry Biscary. After fifteen years of career (Hegalka, Kokin, Kalakan ...), he presents his own repertory accompanied by the voices and brass of Kobreak band.

In Manez eta Kobreak disc, he tells stories of his friends, neighbors and family members. His songs speak of the connection he has with his land and his community.

Manez first record was published in April 2018.

Manez eta kobreak

Voices and brass – 13 tracks. Digipack. 32 pages booklet
Released on March 28th, 2018

Thierry Biscary : compositions, percussion, vocal
Bixente Etchegaray : trumpet, vocal
Laura Etchegoyhen : saxophone, vocal
Ana Telletxea : accordion, vocal
Vianney Desplantes : euphonium, vocal
Mintxo Garaikoetxea : euphonium, trumpet, vocal

Manez eta Kobreak tour 2019

Markina XemeinFebruary 9th, 20:00Uhagon kultur etxea
OñatiFebruary 10th, 12:30Gazteleku
UztaritzeFebruary 23rdHartzaro festibala, church of Arrauntz
BehobiaMarch 1st, 21:00Xaia ostatua
GasteizMarch 17th, 19:00Oihaneder euskararen etxea, Klaustroa
DonapaleuApril 12nd, 20:30Espace Chemins Bideak
SenpereMay 12nd, 13:00Herri Urrats, Araba stage
AnhauzeMay 26th, 17:00Church
TarbesJune 9th, 17:00Festival Tarba en Canta, Kiosque Parc Massey
BilbaoJuly 3rd, 17:00, 20:00Festival Kalealdia, Parc Casilda Iturrizar
ZarautzJuly 5th, 20:00Kalerki
DebaJuly 19th, 22:00Plaza zaharra